More Than A Free Ride…

Time & time again I catch myself struggling to grasp the truth behind what John is saying here. Think about it though. We aren’t orphans, we aren’t step children, WE ARE children of God! With a Father in heaven who loves us MORE than we could ever comprehend…

He is our Father. A loving Father who will do ANYTHING to ensure we are living our lives to the fullest potential. Often times potential that we can’t even see! I know for me, there has been potential that God has revealed to me time & time again that I didn’t see… and if we are honest, I still fight because it’s WAY out of my comfort zone!

Few “take aways” from this though. He is a loving Father who will bless us, take care of us, provide, comfort, nurture & guide us… BUT He is a Father who will also discipline when needed. Don’t take the Father’s discipline lightly. The Bible says that He disciplines those who He loves! (Hebrews 12)

So where ever you are at today, remember that Jesus death isn’t just a ticket into heaven. No no nooooo, it is SO much more. It is YOUR invitation into the greatest family EVER….

Will you merely punch your ticket for heaven? Or will you redeem your invitation into the family of God?!


3 thoughts on “More Than A Free Ride…

      1. True! Today my pastor was preaching at church, he said God has a story for each one of us but the problem is we also have a story for ourselevs and until and unless we submit to God’s story we cannot see our purpose being fulfilled or live to the potential that he made us with.

        Blessings in Christ brother.
        keep up the good work.


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