Does Love Hurt?

This is an interesting question and I have heard the phrase, “love hurts” time & time again. The truth is, no it doesn’t. The way this world has twisted “love”, yes. The way true love really is, no.

Can love be hard? Heck ya. Does love require work? Tons of it. Does love require sacrifice? Oh ya… but love doesn’t hurt.

God is love. And we are called to love everyone the way Jesus loves… Jesus never hurt anyone. Jesus was hurt BY people, but that wasn’t in love. He was hurt by those that SHOULD have loved Him.

We have all experienced heartache. Some of us more. Some of us less, but at some point we have felt that deep pit in our chest. The main thought that screams out in our head is, “love hurts”.

BUT I would like to submit to you all that it isn’t LOVE that hurts, but the lack of love. You see, when Love is missing we feel off. When Love is missing we feel hurt. When Love isn’t expressed we question. When Love is questioned we feel insecure. All of the negative emotions surrounding love have everything to do with the LACK of love…

wherever you are at today, remember that God loves you. So very much. You are loved, you are accepted & love doesn’t hurt. Lack of love hurts. So as we go through each day, let’s show the love this world needs to everyone around us. We have no idea how much the person right next to us needs to be shown love…


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