Trust Issues…

There is a sad trend within a lot of us that can hinder us from fully embracing all the promises in the Bible. Truth is, a lot of us have developed trust issues with God because of what others have done to us & we do not even know it!

It took a few years for me to realize how deep my trust issues truly went! I loved the idea of trusting in God & I did my best to trust Him BUT there were certain areas where I wasn’t trusting Him.

Even to this day I constantly wrestle with fully trusting God in all the areas of my life! Which is sad & so freaking silly! I mean if there is one person that can be trusted to provide its Him! That’s where it took some deep prayer & conviction to show these areas where I lacked the faith for God to move…

I know we have all been hurt, betrayed, abandoned, abused (in some way), neglected & disappointed by someone we truly love(d). Where we have to fight is the aspect of understanding that God is nothing like the person who hurt you… He cares WAY more than any human can. So trust Him.

With your finances. With your relationships, family, friends. With your career. So on & so forth… He wants you to fully trust Him and have peace in the different seasons in your life. Our seasons may change, but God never does.


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