The Bigger Picture…

We serve a God that is constantly aware of the bigger picture in our lives & the lives of those around us… Peter is writing about Jesus’ return, but this verse shows so many characteristics of our Father!

He is patient, loving, kind & faithful.

Patient- The fact that God does desire for us to be in heaven with Him! He sent His son to die in our place because God desires us to be in heaven with Him, BUT He still isn’t finished with this world yet. There are still more to be saved. He is willing to post pone the immediate satisfaction of having all of us in heaven with Him because there are still people who haven’t had the chance to love Him!

Loving- It’s simple. God denies Himself each & everyday because of His love for humanity. Because of His love for ALL! He is so loving that He patiently waits for more to hear the message of Jesus so that they may have the chance to repent & he added into the family.

Kind- The fact that He patiently waits, in love, shows us how kind He is as a God. He gives us life in abundance while we are on earth to hold us over until we get to heaven! He answers prayers in due time, He performs miracles through us all & He continues to be kind to us even when we continue to rebel.

Faithful- It isn’t finished & God will remain faithful to His promises for humanity. God knows what He is doing and He isn’t holding anything back from us. He is pouring it all out to us each & everyday.

This is the Father that loves us. This is the God that strengthens us. This is the friend that comforts us…


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