Lowered Expectations…

Tonight during youth our senior Pastor spoke to them. At one point during his message he was speaking on our expectations as believers.

God put a pretty difficult question on my heart.

It was a simple question… “Are your expectations of me lower?” At first, of course my automatic response was OF COURSE NOT! I mean c’mon?!

As I sat there and truly dig deep to ask that question I quickly realized that I have. In a lot of ways. Some ways a lot & other was a little. Regardless, I couldn’t see myself believing God could raise something that was dead in my life.

Thankfully, there was an immense amount of peace concerning this question & answer time in my head. It showed an area where I can improve! It showed an area where I can reflect deeper on & goes in this next season of life God has.

The Holy Spirit should be consistently convicting us of areas where we are falling short. It’s a good thing. False, it’s a great thing! There is so much beauty behind that process. Knowing that God is preparing us for more…

Embrace it. Bring those expectations back up to where they should be. Read the word & understand that the God of the Bible is our Father. The things that happened in the word are happening everyday, all around the world!

Raise the expectations fam..


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