Can We Be Still?

The idea of “being still” is not something that many of us think about. I know I have read this verse many times over the last few years & never really sat to meditate on it like I should have…

God is clearly telling us there are going to be moments where we need to sit back & let God do what only God can do! How many times have we tried to “help” God without even knowing it, but AFTER the fact we realize we made a mistake. Sadly, that mistake sometimes comes with a mess to be cleaned up!

Thankfully, God is faithful to clean up our messes and make them beautiful. He WILL take what the world rejects or looks down upon & uses it to glorify Him! That’s what God does!

It still doesn’t change the fact that when things get crazy & we want to try and “help” God that we need to be still and let Him do what He does!


2 thoughts on “Can We Be Still?

  1. I love how we can be still within although the external circumstances aren’t those that make us want to be still without. I love how Jesus sleeps whilst the killer storm is going on around Him, the disciples are freaking out and He is restful. 💕💕

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