Count The Cost…

I remember sitting at a bench when I took this picture. Just in complete awe of the amazing talent that helped build this place. The incredible amount of talent that God gave each & every person who built such beautiful architecture.

How from the very beginning they counted the cost, did all the blue prints, put a team together & executed the plan.

Often times I think we need to do this in our lives. We need to sit down & let the creativity of God flow from our hearts into the plans He gives us. We need to pray through what it costs to make the dream a reality. We need to outline our goals & figure out how God needs us to get there. We need to pray for God to surround us with people to help execute His plan and finally… We need to execute.

God has given us all desires deep down in our hearts. Things that truly light our hearts on fire. An idea or vision of something AMAZING that seems way toooo good to be true. Many of us have experienced it, but very few take the next steps in the process…

For me. I’m learning how to count the costs & allow God to remove things from my life that don’t truly matter. I’ve allowed God to continue to make me get out of my comfort zone & I am going through the process of being obedient regardless of my feelings… it’s incredible.

We are all saved by our faith in Jesus, but one day we will present an offering to His Kingdom for what we’ve done on earth. I want to give it all. I want to take the 10 “talents” God gives me & return back to Him 20.

What about you?


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