Our lives are meant to proclaim God’s goodness to us all! Sadly, many of us don’t walk around with the joy of the Lord oozing out of us!

It took me a really long time to realize that the way I act externally in the midst of situations is a reflection of God. When trials hit, did I fully believe that God would come through. I may proclaim it with my mouth, but was I proclaiming it with my life.

You see, that’s the key to it all. People don’t want to hear about it, they want to see it. Think about all the commercials & ads you see for training programs, diet programs, etc… the main thing that attracts people to those is the RESULTS from the program.

Why in the world would we think it would be different for God?! If we are to be truly proclaiming God’s goodness it needs to be with our actions. Instead, a lot of the times we proclaim one thing with our lips & another thing with our actions.

Think about this today! Are you proclaiming God with your lips or your life?


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