It Should Sting…

I love this verse. Goodness I love our Father! We are so alive in His eyes & He is so dang proud of us. No matter where you are at in life, He loves you. He is deeply IN love with you. Nothing can change that. You are loved beyond any amount of measurement possible. His love is infinite. His passion for you is incredible. You are His.

BUT, when we sin against Him it SHOULD sting. This is the biggest misunderstanding I have seen within believers & within myself. Satan LOVES to take the conviction of the Holy Spirit & twist it into condemnation. Something that is beautiful & Godly becomes something shaming. The conviction of the Holy Spirit is an amazing thing.

Satan friggin LOVES to take something that is Godly & twist it to go against God. Why? Because he hates our Father. Because he envies our Father. Truthfully, he hates & envies us as well. So that’s why he will do everything he can to make us feel unworthy, undeserving & ultimately like we aren’t loved.

You see that? THAT’s his tactic. Satan will take the conviction of the Holy Spirit, twist it into condemnation & try and convince you that you aren’t loved. Which is crap.

This is why the word is so vital in our life! If we don’t know how our Father works, then we cannot truly combat the deceiver himself (Satan)!


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