Never Rejected…

This verse hit me in all the feels this morning…

It breaks my heart when I think about all the people out there walking around without truly knowing how valuable they are.

It breaks my heart to think about all of those who have been hurt in the name of God but people within the church that don’t even know God.

It breaks my heart to think about all those who are hurting & desperately seeking some sort of self worth from people, things, hobbies, careers, etc… only to feel abandoned & worthless when those things don’t satisfy.

It breaks my heart to see people in the church trying to work for His love. Serving more, reading more, praising more, etc… Although we all do these things anyways, it’s the heart & reason behind it. We should be serving, reading, praising OUT of love, not FOR His love…

Wherever you are at. Please understand that He will never reject you. We are all jacked up humans trying to figure this life out.

You are His & He is yours. Regardless of your love life, your career, your attendance in church, the amount of bible you read, etc… That doesn’t change His overwhelming love for you…

Roman 5:8 talks about the simple fact that Christ died for us even while we were sinners. So what makes you think you have to “clean up” all of the sudden and act holy.


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