Do You Really?

This was the main question that came to mind when I was praying about this post this morning… I know it’s easy to say we trust in God, but is that something we truly believe deep down? Do you really?

I’ll admit it’s not always the truth. Deep down I know I can trust God, but there are times that there are doubts, fears, anxiety, etc… I don’t think it’s a “terrible” thing to struggle with these things. The truth is, it’s walking in complete blindness to the areas of distrusts, doubts, fears, anxiety, etc… without truly being able to acknowledge them that is dangerous.

Yesterday one of the Pastors spoke on being a multi-cultural Church and one of the things he mentioned was that we must acknowledge the differences. I think that same principle must apply to our spiritual lives as well. For God to truly work on our hearts, we must first acknowledge the areas we have fallen short. When we can learn to acknowledge where we fall short, we can then repent & allow our hearts to change.

Break the chains of American Christianity that make you feel like you have to act like you have it all together. It’s okay to not be okay. It’s okay to admit your short comings. It’s okay…


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