Do You Really?

Last night one of the lead pastors of the local church I attend spoke at our youth group! During his message he made a statement that really got me digging deep into my life. Further more, this verse clarified more reason to truly take a minute & process.

He said, “You only believe the parts of the Bible that you actually live.” He further expanded on it, but it basically boiled down to your actions backing up what you truly believe in your heart.

The more I thought about it, the more the truths of it all started to set in. One example would be to proclaim with your mouth that you believe God is faithful & that He will provide for all your needs, but never honoring a gift to God with your finances.

Your mouth says I trust God, but your heart says you don’t. In contrast with the verse today, if we truly believe the word of God is alive & active are you living that way?

Radically in love with God. Casting out all doubts. Removing any & all things that God doesn’t want in your life. Allowing God to trim the fat from your life, even in areas where it hurts?

Long story short, if we are to proclaim it with our mouths we must declare it with our lives.

Walk the walk fam. Words mean little to nothing with no backing from actions. Even worse, words mean NOTHING when actions say the complete opposite. Don’t be fooled. Don’t be deceived.


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