And Forever…

It seriously blows me away when I think about what God did for us. The fact that He loves us SO DANG MUCH that He sent His son to die for us. The fact that He wanted us to hang out with Him in heaven, so He sent His Son to die & rise again. The fact that not only did God want to get use into heaven BUT He also wanted us to be an intricate part of His story on earth.

Has that ever hit you? To think about the pure beauty in the fact that God didn’t just save us so we could get into heaven… No, no, no. God saved us so that we could be His representatives on earth.

As a whole (from a media/world standpoint) there is a lot of things that the church has done wrong. Sadly, there are far greater things that the church has done & will continue to do BUT that will rarely get the same kind of media attention.

If Jesus came down to earth to die for all of us. from the least of thee to the most “righteous” it is all the same. The Bible is very clear when it comes to the fact that we are all sinners worthy of nothing but death. That’s Jesus came & died for us all even in the midst of our sin. That Jesus came & died so that we could be transformed daily. One day at a time. One moment at a time. More like Him.

He doesn’t require us to clean ourselves up & try and present some “holy” package to Him each day. The author of Hebrews does an incredible job when he points out ONCE & FOREVER. He is a miracle working God & each day He is working a miracle in our hearts. It is through Him we are saved & that will never change.

We should see ourselves as the sinners that Jesus loves dearly. All the same we should see the worst of sinners & have compassion in our hearts that Jesus died for them as well…


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