Do You Though?

Self reflection is a huge part of my routine. I am always doing my best to improve myself & self reflection works wonders. It’s so simple but yet so dang effective! Even if it’s only 5 minutes, or a few moments throughout the day.

After praying over this verse & post for this morning I will say that I was challenged by this verse. Simply because when I asked myself if I truly believe love is the greatest my immediate response was, “Of Course!”

I wasn’t satisfied with it though. I sat here & really dug deep to answer the question repeating in my head, “Do you though?” Of course it’s easy to express love to those we care about & often times it’s pretty easy to express a level of love to strangers, BUT what about those that aren’t easy to love?

Is love still the greatest? Do you really believe it? Do you though? Maybe it’s that co-worker, the ex, that old friend, that family member, etc… if you believe that love is the greatest thing, than we should still be extending it to them. It may look drastically different, but at the core of our hearts we should still be able to love them, why?

Because Jesus does.

Really look into your heart today & ask God to reveal any areas that may not be in tune with Him. Don’t just answer challenging questions with quick responses. Really sit & ask yourself the hard questions. After that, respond, repent if needed & get to work.


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