Let’s be real. Sometimes life seems to suck. We feel stuck, like nothing is ever going to change, that “these are just the cards I was dealt”, etc… From there we settle with it just being this way & we move onto the next step of trying to put on a pretty smile. We try and act like life is great, like we are satisfied, like we are doing juuuust fine.

Deep down inside there is a longing for something real & authentic in life. We put pressure on ourselves to pursue some weird sense of perfection and like “we’ve made it.” We have turned into Christians focused on what we will do when we get to a “better”‘place with God. An army of men & women who sit by idle. Nothing gets done because so many of us are trying to wait until we perfect the work in us…

Wait what? Ya, I said it. Especially American Christianity. We do these religious deeds & try to “clean” ourselves up so that we would be worthy to do Kingdom Work. Trust me, I’ve got a past just like we all do BUT that’s what makes me rely on Jesus even more. The basic FACT that I am nothing without Him.

The FACT that I’m not the one who began the cleaning up process, I have no idea what that process is & I have no control over that process. I didn’t begin it, I can’t continue it & I dang sure can’t finish it. Neither can you.

Stop being so hard on yourself. Stop waiting for some point where you are “ready.” Stop wasting your days pursuing idols, religion, perfection, etc… & Pursue Him.

He is going to complete the work in our lives. Him & Him alone. You are declared righteous. You are purse, holy, made new, equipped, called, cherished, adored & known intimately… stop thriving. Let Him be your finisher…


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