Walk the walk…

I love this verse & what it means to us all. James kicks it off with a rhetorical question… Getting right to the point & expressing that we need to walk it out. If any of us are truly wise & have a deep understanding of Christ then the way we live will show it. Plain & simple. A majority of us want to live effective lives that leave an impact on this world & want our words and thoughts to be significant to those around us…

Look at Joseph’s life! The dude went through some craaaazy stuff that would break most of us, BUT he is a shining example of wise living. There were many times Joseph could have given up and said, “Screw it.” But he refused. He remained faithful & kept his trust in God. He walked out the Godly wisdom each and everyday, regardless of his circumstances.

In the book of Matthew we can clearly see that our actions show where our hearts are invested. If we are to show it by living right, we just ensure our hearts are in the right place. Even if we do not claim to be wise, we can set our focus on trying to live in Godly wisdom that we get from God’s word!

Each & everyday we must continue to make it our goal to live in Godly wisdom. To read the word & let it transform the way we live. If we are reading the word of God just for head knowledge we are missing out on the most impactful part of it; heart change.


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