Both Are Guaranteed…

I love how the Psalmist doesn’t say “if I walk through the darkest valley” or anything close to that… No, he says WHEN he does because we all know that dark times come. That’s a guarantee that is very clear all throughout the Bible.

There seems to be this weird concept within Christianity that most believe protect us from dark times, but the reality is that more dark times come. When we proclaim Christ as our Lord we become Satan’s enemy. When we proclaim God as our standard of living, we become the world’s enemy.

Time & time again we find ourselves in a position of darkness. That life just isn’t going good, bills are adding up, stresses of relationships are getting more complex, the boss at work is a jerk, your friends are flakes, etc… there are an abundance of things that we all have to worry about on a daily basis & at times they can seem overwhelming.

BUT if we fix our eyes on the author and perfecter of our faith we can have renewed hope. Jesus dealt with so very much on earth. Yes, it’s easy to overlook Jesus because He is the son of God, BUT He still lived 30 years on this earth as a normal man. Working, living, surviving, etc… when he was 30 his ministry life officially kicked off, but for 30 long years he lived life just like we all do.

Troubles in life will come but even more so God is right there with you. He is right by your side, intimately involved in every aspect of our lives. In the moment we can’t always see the hand of God at work BUT when we take a moment to look back we can see His fingerprints all over our lives….


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