Commitment Issues…

We live in a world where commitment is rarely there. Whether it’s with relationships, financial goals, fitness goals, whatever… truly committing to long term goals is rare. I’m sure we’ve all had our fair share of hurts because of people’s lack of commitment. Whether it be your parents, a spouse, a boyfriend or girlfriend, a co-worker, a workout buddy, someone from church, whatever… At some point there has been someone that made a commitment to you, that turned there backs on that commitment.

The problem is that we put too much emphasis on committing to others, goals, etc… as well as expecting a commitment from them. That’s a risk we all take. A risk that none of us have to take it committing to God.

If we choose to trust & commit to Him then He will be faithful to see it through. There are God size dreams in all of our hearts that may seem impossible. We all have goals & aspirations that God wants to work through. We all have talents & gifts that God designed us with that He wants to unlock and use for His glory. The missing key is commitment.

If we would commit our ways to God there would be major changes happening in this world. The disciples made that commitment when Jesus called them & then radically changed the world. Jesus took regular men & woman and made them into world changers. Jesus took the misfits of society & turned them into shining lights. Jesus chose the broken, dirty, unworthy “sinners” of the world and used them to change the way the world sees things.

He wants to do the same with all of us. He wants us to burn for Him so we can be the light in this world. He wants us to stand up in the darkest of hour to lead others to safety. He needs commitment. He needs earnest believers who will passionately pursue His heart. Through that commitment & devotion we will all have a life that cannot be compared or taken.


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