Freedom Doesn’t Feel Free

Truth is, our calling to live in freedom also calls us into an internal war. Because of what Christ did on the cross we are free to walk in humble obedience to Him, without having to worry about living up to a certain standard.

The war begins in our hearts because there are many other things trying to get at our hearts. There is legalism & pure indulgence of our every desire. Both extremes are incredibly bad for this world & ourselves.

One end of Christianity lives just like the Pharisees did. Seminary degrees make you holier, how many pieces of scripture you’ve memorized become badges of honor & fancy prayers become a reflection of a good relationship with God.

On the other end, we have Christians who live in complete disobedience to God & the way He calls us to live in freedom. The freedom gets used to indulge in every possible desire because they are forgiven. So they do what they want, say a pray for forgiveness & move along.

Both of these are terribly wrong in their own ways. Both are forms of slavery without even knowing it! If anything they are worse forms of slavery because the one thing that can get you out of that slavery has become twisted…

You see, the freedom we have been called into is a freedom to obey Christ, love others & serve others. The freedom we have been given is the freedom to live this life to the fullest without having to worry about meeting standards.

The standards have been met. He met them because we can’t.


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