It Is A Verb

Biblical love is not simply something that is said. This world has completely missed the point of true love. The word is thrown around so much, but a majority of the time there is little action behind it.

When the time comes to express the love it is not always expressed. It is so much easier to say that you have love for someone then it is to show them, BUT that’s only because it is not true biblical love. True biblical love for one another is seen all throughout the Bible, but even more so through the book of Acts & the birth of the church.

The believers at that time did WHATEVER they could to help those in need. They saw a need & filled it. With no questions asked. With no care as to how they will provide for themselves.

To say that we have love, but to take no action is pointless. To say we care, but not express it is questionable. How can you say you love & care but not act on it? If you love & care for someone in need you will not question trying to care for them in any way possible.

John makes it very clear here that “love” is not some mere theoretical concept that we can ignore. No no no. Our world has become so incredibly good at rationalizing why we don’t love the way the Bible commands us to. Both in relationships romantically, with our friends and family, with the Church & with those in the world. It’s about time that we change the way we love those around us. It’s about time that we truly pursue biblical love in the way we love each day.

This world needs more love. True love to heal those aching hearts. God has commanded us to love, so what can you do today to offer that love.


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