Always Ready…

I love the timing of this verse. Especially for all my Crossfit fam… For those of you who don’t know what CrossFit is, it is a fitness program, in essence, but each year the best of the best throw down in the Open, then regionals & then the games.

All year athletes live & breathe CrossFit to try and prepare themselves for the open. They train countless hours, they spend an extensive amount of time/resources on recovery, they structure their lifestyles around their training, etc… being a games athlete takes an indescribable amount of dedication. It takes this much because they know each year they are going to have their fitness tested. They know that each year Dave Castro has methodically planned to try and make them break. He has put together some grueling workouts that are designed to test their capabilities.

Some athletes go into the open each year pretty confident… why? Because they have put the work in & know that they have done everything they possibly could to be prepared for what the enemy (Dave Castro) has planned. They’ve equipped themselves in every possible way. They’ve done everything they possibly could to be ready so that when it comes time to attack the open they are ready…

So then, why is it that as believers we don’t put this kind of year round effort into God. I mean, we have the great deceiver tirelessly planning our destruction. He has spent thousands of years planning the demise of humanity. Doing whatever he can to try and destroy everything that God has for us. The Bible tells us that we need to be fully prepared for whatever the enemy throws at us, but yet many of us don’t put in nearly the amount of devotion & effort required to thrive. If we spent our entire existence working our lives around God & what He has for us then this world would be dramatically different…

Long story short, there is a very real enemy. That hates you & is doing everything he can to try and destroy any future that God has for you. Why in the world would we not do everything we can to be prepared for it?! Why would we not take the time to fully equip ourselves with the armor of God?! It’s downright silly.

He has greatness in store for you, but you still have to do your part. Be prepared. Stay ready.


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