No Questions Asked…

The meaning behind this verse is unreal. I mean… we BELONG to God. We are His. Completely accepted, loved, made whole & above all apart of His family.

How easy it is to project what others have done onto God. The hurt, pain, rejection & confusion from people and this world have NOTHING to do with God or His character.

Literally, the creator of life itself looked down at all He created & thought that this world wasn’t completely without you. He then methodically prepared a beautiful life for you, formed you in your mommas womb & set a path before you that leads to such a fulfilling life.

THAT’s the person we belong to! The God that never breaks a promise. Every single word He speaks has power & truth, love & affection, approval & adoration. Elohim is our good & loving Father.

Look around you. The beauty of this world. The beauty of our senses. God created such a magnificent & beautiful place for us to live. He gave us the power to make a difference in this world. He gave us a purpose. He gave us a future & a hope. We can enter into His throne room with boldness & talk with the creator of all. We are protected from anything that can fully break us. He gives us ways to get out of temptation. He takes care of all of our needs…

Right now, He is sitting on His throne looking down at you. So dang proud. So dang proud at the fact that the enemy has tried SO HARD to destroy you, but yet because of FAITH in Him you are still standing tall. Loving those who seem unlovable. Pursuing those that others have given up on. Leaving behind you the pains & disappointments to still press on with your hopes and dreams.

He is proud of you. He is yours & you are His. What a beautiful realization it is when we can grasp the simple truth that God is yours, but more importantly YOU are His…. and like a good Father, He will protect & the gates of Hell will come against you BUT you will not be alone!


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