Trust & Humility…

It’s crazy to think of all the times I struggled with wondering if I was even saved. All the times I continue to fall into certain sins, all the times I do things that instantly convict me afterwards, etc… the first whisper the satan throws at us is making us question our salvation… why? Because he would love nothing more then to paralyze us all & render us ineffective.

The Bible makes it loud and clear that we are saved by Jesus and Jesus alone. There is nothing that we can do to make ourselves worthy of the salvation we have received.

When we first get saved we realize this desperate need for Jesus, but for some reason after that initial point many of us start feeling like we need to earn it. Very easily satan will turn conviction into condemnation.

You see, conviction is from the Holy Spirit. It’s a light shining on an area of darkness that needs to be worked on. It’s a beautiful thing, something to be celebrated even.

Satan, loves to turn it into condemnation. Instead of it being a beautiful area where Jesus’ light can shine & we can improve, it becomes an area of shame. It becomes something that somehow disqualifies us from something we were never qualified for in the first place.

We are all qualified when we choose to trust Jesus & humble ourselves before Him. That’s it. We call on Him to save us, we repent, we acknowledge our need & we trust. That’s it.


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