He Has Your Back…


I’ve taken a good amount of time away from writing to really check my heart & motivation. Being a teacher of the word is not something that should be taken lightly & I wanted to ensure my heart was in the right place… so I apologize for the momentary disappearance, but it was necessary.

I absolutely love how God makes it a clear point that He is in control. I think in life we give ourselves, and the devil, way too much credit. I frequently struggle with allowing myself to become consumed with the impact of my decision in life. Yes, all of our decisions will have a positive or negative impact. All of our decisions should be considered & prayed through, BUT we cannot allow them to consume our thoughts.

God is clearly speaking through John when He tells us that He is the beginning and the end. Alpha & Omega are the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet. God is telling us all that regardless of our decisions, He is still in control. God is telling us all that regardless of what WE do, His ultimate plan will still be fulfilled.

We still must consider the impact our decisions will have. Think of God’s path for us kind of like a GPS. When we have a destination that He is trying to get us to, He will show us the easiest & most effective path. Whether or not we decide to stay on that path or not is up to us! If we make wrong turns, He will reroute is. If we directly ignore what the GPS says & decide to take our own route, it will still reroute us. Eventually, we get back on the right path and we head to the destination God has for us.

He is the beginning & the end fam. Have peace that He knows exactly what He is doing. Trust that His route is the best route. Pray, check your heart & then make a decision. He will honor that. He will see that His ultimate plan is still fulfilled.

Have joy today fam. Stop stressing & letting anxiety overwhelm you. He is in control. He always has been & always will be.


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