Freedom to dance.
Freedom to sing.
Freedom to love.
Freedom to risk.
Freedom to praise.
Freedom to laugh.
Free to live unashamed.

Ever since we have been born again we have been welcomed into the family of God. (Galatians 3:26) Undeserving, radical, crazy, scandalous, unconditional love in SPITE of my sin. (Romans 5:8) No matter what we are His very own & it is through HIS love we are changed and set free to live life with ABUNDANCE. (John 10:10)

I won’t lie. I spent MANY years in bondage. First, being a slave to my sin & then being a slave to religion. It wasn’t until I truly allowed God to be the definer of my identity. It wasn’t until I really started to see Him as my loving Father that will never leave or forsake me. (Deuteronomy 31:6) The sad truth was that a majority of my struggle with seeing Him as Father and Christianity as a beautiful family was my interaction with other people…

My dad bailed. So when I heard God referred to as “father” I had no idea what that truly meant, and to be honest it made me a little bitter. I didn’t know the love of a father. I didn’t know the security of a father. I never heard, “Son, I’m proud of you.” Until GOD came in & wrecked my heart.

He came in and set my heart free. He came in and showed me the love of a Father. He came in and gave me the security I never had. He looks down at me and is a proud Papa. I live in that freedom. The freedom that my Papa is looking down with a smile on His face, so so so dang proud of me. So dang proud of my EFFORT. Looking down and rooting for me, encouraging me, preparing me, moving mountains for me, providing, loving, holding, wiping away my tears, comforting, etc… All it took was one encounter with the love of God and BOOM… Freedom.

Now. I get the joy of living in it. And there isn’t anything that will hold me back. His crazy, radical, scandalous love NEEDS to be expressed to this hurting world. We need to rise up and set people free. We need to be available for Holy Spirit to work THROUGH our lives and love on those who feel unlovable.

I wish I could tell you that it was easy… Trust me. I struggled for YEARS pursuing God’s heart. Begging for my “moment” with Him. Trying to “prove” myself worthy of that freedom. Trying to “earn” the right to walk around with joy instead of shame. Trying to get my act together before I raised my hands during worship… When in reality, it was already mine. Freedom was mine. Jesus died for me to have that freedom, I just had to accept it. I just had to lay my life down and say “Yes Lord.”

Religion will over complicate freedom. However you express it, don’t allow shame to rob you. At that moment where you start to feel free from shame & doubt, don’t run back to it… Run from it. Run from it and run towards God. All it takes is one touch, one encounter. Don’t give up, keep pressing in. Freedom awaits.


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