He gives it

Have you ever sat back and wondered why the heck it can seem so dang hard to do what you know God wants you to do?
Seriously… It can’t be JUST me. Time & time again I seek after God with all my heart and it seems like one little “squirrel” comes in front of me and BOOM… My mind shifts…

At first, this used to discourage me SO very much. I would feel as if I wasn’t “saved” or like I wasn’t ever going to conquer the squirrels in my life. At times, I would question whether God was really working on my heart or not, BUT that’s when this verse came in and wrecked my heart…

You see. I used to be KNEE DEEP in porn when I first got saved. Memberships, downloaded videos for on to go, etc… I never knew that it was a bad thing. As a young man, I thought it was part of being a man. Giving in to those desires and chasing skirt. To me, that was manhood. When I got saved at 21 I was already 13 years deep into it…

It wasn’t until Holy Spirit came in and wrecked my heart that I started to DESIRE purity. Keyword, desire. I didn’t perfect it right off the bat, but it started to be something that I WANTED… I started to feel conviction over porn and sex outside of marriage… Honestly, sometimes until the point of tears. It would make me feel so so so bad, and at times satan would even use that to make me feel unclean.

I remember as clear as day reading this verse. I stopped & wept. Like full-blown UGLY cry. The very fact that I DESIRED to do better, to do the will of God, to pursue purity was a direct confirmation that God was/is working on me. I look back at my 5 years of walking with God and cannot help but shout with joy over the fact that He has set me free from so very much bondage.

My perspective shifted that day. This phrase has been radiating on my heart the last few weeks… “Pursuit not perfection” I feel someone truly needs to hear that and let it sink into the depths of their soul…

God does not desire perfection. He desires our pursuit of Him. The simple fact that you DESIRE to do better is a clear indication that you are God’s & that He is looking down at you like a proud Papa…

Live in that freedom. Live in that grace. Pursue Him with all your heart… Where ever you are at, remember that Jesus came and died because we can’t be perfect. Jesus came and died so we could pursue in freedom. Jesus came and died so we could have FULL access to the throne room of God.

It is by GOD that you even have the desire to pursue what pleases Him and you HAVE the power to overcome whatever it is. Just walk it out. Believe it in faith & keep on pursuing…


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