Do it.

I have been praying about what direction God wanted me to focus on for this verse because there are so many different ways this can apply to our culture…

It is SUCH a blessing that there is so much information out there about the Bible and the proper interpretations of it. It’s a beautiful thing, to be honest. To amount of zeal for His word and the amount of theologically skilled humans on this earth right now is impressive. What concerns me is the lack of application of that knowledge…

I mean think about it. The original Church in Acts didn’t have anywhere NEAR the amount of information at their disposal. They didn’t even HAVE A BIBLE. They didn’t have countless commentaries from people with numerous degrees in “Bible”, but yet their impact was immensely greater.

All throughout the New Testament, you can see that all of the people who made impact walked WITH God and DID. Just like Paul is telling Timothy to SET AN EXAMPLE. He isn’t telling Timothy to study the scriptures more. He isn’t telling Timothy to go to seminary school. No. Paul is writing this letter to Timothy and telling him that the way that people will see God in him is by setting an example with ACTIONS. Speech, conduct, love, faith, purity. Each one of those is actions that Timothy needs to exemplify each and every moment of his life.

So why is it that we do not have this same passion to walk out what we know? I know I’m just as guilty at times when it comes to watching how I walk each and every moment. Especially when emotions start to run high. Learning to walk the truths of the Bible out each and every moment is where the impact will start to happen. That’s when the culture of our lives will start to shift. Literally, EVERY room we walk into can be completely different if we walk out the truths we see in the word. We MUST set an example in the way we conduct ourselves…

The sad truth is that the “world” knows more about what we (Christians) are against than what we are for. We are labeled hypocrites amongst many other things… Why? Because we don’t desire to SET AN EXAMPLE to those around us…

I challenge each of you today to be the example where ever you go. Be completely conscious and aware of each of your actions… Give it a try and watch the atmosphere shift around you.


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