“There never yet was any great manifestation that God made of himself to the world, without many difficulties attending it. It is with the works of God, as with his word: they seem at first full of things that are strange, inconsistent, and difficult to the carnal unbelieving hearts of men.”[2] – Johnathan Edwards          

There is a hope for your future, declares the Lord, and your children shall come back to their own country. [1]

Jeremiah 31:17 ESV

There are many faithful believers that will tell you that they have had difficult seasons in life. Those same faithful believers will also follow up to tell you that there was never a season that was wasted, and if they are in the midst of the season they will be filled with hope for the future. To the world, it will seem completely strange and almost frustrating how true lovers of Jesus can remain so peaceful and calm in the midst of crazy seasons of life. The beauty is that our hope rest in the hands of a beautiful savior, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.”[3]

 In this verse, the Lord is declaring to Rachel that her children shall return back to their home country. What makes that powerful is that Rachel died giving birth to Benjamin. Rachel was the favorite of Jacob’s wives and was buried between Bethel and Bethlehem.[4] When I was reading through this in preparation to post i blew me away that God was comforting Rachel even after she passed. He comforted her in her weeping by restoring the promise and reassuring her that there is hope for her future, for her children.

The very same God that made this declaration to her makes the same declaration to us all. Outside of our own free will, nothing can hold God back from restoring us and giving us a hope for the future. Regardless of what life may look like in this present moment, you can trust and believe that God is a restorer.

One of my mentors, Chris Davis,[5] always reminds me, “Nothing is wasted in God’s economy.” For many months that phrase has continued to radiate in my heart to look at everything through the lens of God’s love and restoration for my life. Every moment, every season, every tear, every struggle, every glorious moment is being used for my good and His glory. Same goes for you, my friends. He is a wonderful and glorious lover of His people.

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