If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

2 Chronicles 7:14 ESV

I thought about this verse most of my morning. There are so many ways my mind went thinking about what this passage means for us. At times, I have to catch myself subconsciously not really digging into what certain pieces of the Bible mean to us in modern times. As a believer, the Bible should always be our source of change, challenge & transformation in our hearts. We must allow the Bible to change the way we see things and allow Holy Spirit to guide us into deeper understanding. This is pivotal for truly changing the way the world sees Christians.

We should be reflecting the most humble, unique, loving, kind and caring God. He is so forgiving, merciful, full of grace and joy for His children. This should be a reflection of each of our lives. If we are His people who are called by His name we should embody these basics characteristics. We don’t have to be perfect and live a sinless life… That is completely impossible, BUT we do have certain areas of character that should be forming in us all.

I am by no means a perfect man. I struggle with a lot of things that have haunted me for many years, but the big difference is… I am still growing. This verse was such a beautiful reminder of the importance of a daily walk of obedience and humility with Jesus. A few things stuck out to me specifically about this verse today…

  1. We must walk in humility… Constantly.
    • What this means is that we can expect to make mistakes, BUT we must also understand that part of humility is admitted the wrong.
  2. We must seek His face in life… and in our prayer time.
    • The main aspect of living a life full of Christ is seeking Him at all times. Many times we can fall into the trap of only praying as designated times whereas we should be constantly in prayer.
  3. We must turn from our wicked ways… quickly.
    • Part of walking in humility, seeking His face and praying consistently is turning from our wicked ways. As humans, we are naturally inclined to turn towards sin. We cannot continue living in that manner… As we seek His face in prayer and humility, we will naturally desire to turn from our wicked ways because we realize how much it hurts Him.

These three aspects of the Christian life are crucial towards fellowship with God and being healed. Jesus came and lived the perfect life that we should have lived, died the death that we deserved so that He could pay the price for our sins that we could never pay. This sacrifice enables us to be gifted Holy Spirit to guide and direct our lives… Ultimately being able to have complete communion with God at all times and live as He lives… Loving others radically and having so much joy in our lives that it is almost unbearable to hurt others & break God’s heart…

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