And he said to her, “Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace.”

Luke 8:48 ESV

This was another unique and power verse to ponder this morning… Time and time again I ask Holy Spirit to show me new and unique ways to understand what certain passages mean. He did just that this morning. The woman Jesus spoke to in today’s verse struggled with terrible bleeding for many years and could not find relief. She did everything in her power to make the pain stop and try and find some sort of cure… But there wasn’t a cure, until Jesus.

            Many of us struggle with sin because of a hole in our hearts that haven’t properly been filled with God. There are aspects of our lives that we turn to try and find a little bit of peace in the midst of all the chaos. We turn to sin or things to help have those tiny moments of perceived joy or “happiness.” Sadly, although it may last for a moment… It always comes to an end. We are willing to throw it all away at times to have a mere moment of perceived pleasure whereas the only source of true pleasure is right at your fingertips…

            Jesus does require us to give it all up for Him and in return we will be made well and we can walk in peace. The interesting thing is that everything that Jesus asks us to give up is actually for our benefit. No portion of obedience, scripturally, is going to cause us to be worse off. Everything God asks of us is for our good and His ultimate glory. Some of us haven’t learned that concept yet.

            I use this example constantly in my teachings and small groups. The example goes something along the lines of what would happen if I had an affair on my wife… God says that is terrible and I shouldn’t do it. If I choose to be obedient, I have a long and amazing wife full of God-glorifying happiness and TRUE pleasure. If I choose to be disobedient, I have a moment of “pleasure” that is followed up with decades of pain and regret.

            You see, this woman had gone to the ends of herself trying to find pleasure, health, and wholeness… She just wanted to be “well.” It wasn’t until her faith gave her the courage to pursue even the smallest of moment with Jesus that she was made well… AND, she could go in peace. Knowing that all is well and that she never has to pursue anything else but Him.

            Time and time again my heart breaks as I see so many amazing people throw away incredible opportunities for a moment of perceived “pleasure.” Only to do it again and again and again and again. Never finding lasting satisfaction and peace. This woman found what made her well and she was able to go in peace… Have you found what made you well? Or are you still searching?

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