Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me, bless his holy name!

Psalms 103:1 ESV

I’m not even sure “blesser” is a word at this point, but to be honest I don’t care if it is or not… As I meditated on this scripture this morning I was convicted with a few things. Many of which are probably applicable to more than just me. Over the next few posts, you may see a simple shift in the direction of these devotionals. More towards an area of reflection and less of an “educational” devotional.

When I read this verse this morning, I instantly started wondering how much time do I spend blessing God. How much time do I spend praying to Him with a thankful heart and genuine love for Him? I was wondering how much time I spent throughout the day feeling His presence and being encouraged that I have the Holy Spirit. For an hour or two, this thought started to plague my heart…

Yes, “plague” is the correct word there. The reason why I say plague is because I realized that I do pray frequently, but mainly for God’s hand to move in my life and those around me. I realized that I do read God’s word, but mainly to learn more about God and be prepared to teach others. I realized I spend a lot of time singing worship songs, but my soul isn’t always in it, etc… The part that made it a plague was where my heart in it all is.

You see, there are a lot of things we can do as “Christians” that line our hearts up with His. Equally as true is the fact that those same things can simply make us more religious. Especially for those who have been in church for a long time. It is easy to put the “church face” on and do all the Christian things so people don’t question the salvation experience.

American Christianity has become very watered down over the years and it has particularly watered down many American families in general. Christianity no longer has the same commitment it used to. Being a Christian many years ago, still, today in some countries, meant you could lose everything. Everything… Even your very life.

Now, being a Christian means giving up 10% of our income, giving up watching football live, sleeping in, and giving up our morning to go and sit in a building. We sing some songs, listen to the person on the stage talk, and then plan lunch afterward… But yet… never actually change.

Even with worship music. Amazing music is abundant in the Christian world that doesn’t glorify God. The music has a great beat, catchy lyrics, but do they cause our souls to bless the Lord? Much of that has nothing to do with the music, but instead with the believer … The beauty in it all is this… We can all make that shift in a moment. Simply pausing before we do many of the very same things I mentioned above can make the plague into more of His presence. Too many of us wander through life aimlessly doing what we are “supposed” to do… With that way of living, we miss out on the most amazing thing about being a Christian on earth… Walking with Jesus and being a vessel for Him…

My friend… This was simply a reflection on this verse for me. There are no specific answers, no fancy “3 points of application” or even anything that will make this blog stand out. This is simply a reflection of where my heart stood this morning. Wondering and pondering on the state of my heart and the church in America.

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