I am overjoyed with this verse this morning… I love when the Holy Spirit reminds me of scriptural truths. Especially in consideration with things that are happening in my daily life. As believers we all go through tribulations and have to deal with things we would prefer not to.

This morning I find myself in an odd place of reflection. Looking back at this year, realizing that COVID has been hard on everyone. On top of COVID, realizing that this year has been a wild ride for my family & I. We are in an extremely blessed place right now, but I have come to realize I let some things slip in my life.

I stood on the scale this morning and realized I have gained 45+ pounds over this season of life. Between my wife being pregnant, trying to sell a house, renting a house, trying to buy another house, drama between people, and so much more! I realized that I have let food & “comfort” become my comforter. I realized I have allowed those things to give me a sense of peace, all while slightly ignoring the prince of peace.

Again, this is all very subtle things that can happen when we aren’t on guard. Thankfully, the Lord has helped me grow in obedience to where I am still in my word daily, serving the local church, worshipping Him with song, praying frequently & many other things we should all do as a follower of Jesus.

The sad truth is, that I have allowed a subtle sin to slowly enter back into my life. That sin is “gluttony” & to be honest it’s crazy to think how this sin is so prevalent in our society as Americans but yet no one talks about it.

Let me bring this all back in to the verse for today. Tribulations and bad things will come. That is the way the world is since Adam & Eve sinned in the garden, bringing about the new “normal” we have. None of the things of our fallen world or nature should cause us to turn to old vices.

For some it may be alcohol, drugs, sexual sin or many other things. Some of these vices are easier to see then others. For me, my vice has always been food for comfort. When tribulations come, my flesh wants me to eat the sweet bread of the world, but my spirit invites me to the table to have the only thing that can satisfy… and that is God.

Friends, please pray for me as I turn away from this lifestyle of comfort food. Please pray as I get back on track with treating my body with respect & getting back to a point of good health. Please pray for people all around the world that may be secretly turning to old vices in their life during this time… I appreciate you all


  1. I pray the Lord will help you get back on track with your eating. You made a great point, it’s easy for all of us as Christians to start leaning on things other than the Lord for comfort. However, things are temporary. We can only find lasting hope and strength in Jesus. Thanks for sharing Nicholas!

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  2. I so hear you on this, my sister! It really is super easy for us to look for the pleasure of good-tasting food and treats to provide us with comfort or a pick-me-up. I so appreciate your transparent sharing, and pray for the Father’s wonderful encouragement, grace, hope, and peace to surround and lift you up on your journey forward in Him and leaning into His comfort ❤ 🙂


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