Always Ready…

I love the timing of this verse. Especially for all my Crossfit fam… For those of you who don’t know what CrossFit is, it is a fitness program, in essence, but each year the best of the best throw down in the Open, then regionals & then the games.

All year athletes live & breathe CrossFit to try and prepare themselves for the open. They train countless hours, they spend an extensive amount of time/resources on recovery, they structure their lifestyles around their training, etc… being a games athlete takes an indescribable amount of dedication. It takes this much because they know each year they are going to have their fitness tested. They know that each year Dave Castro has methodically planned to try and make them break. He has put together some grueling workouts that are designed to test their capabilities.

Some athletes go into the open each year pretty confident… why? Because they have put the work in & know that they have done everything they possibly could to be prepared for what the enemy (Dave Castro) has planned. They’ve equipped themselves in every possible way. They’ve done everything they possibly could to be ready so that when it comes time to attack the open they are ready…

So then, why is it that as believers we don’t put this kind of year round effort into God. I mean, we have the great deceiver tirelessly planning our destruction. He has spent thousands of years planning the demise of humanity. Doing whatever he can to try and destroy everything that God has for us. The Bible tells us that we need to be fully prepared for whatever the enemy throws at us, but yet many of us don’t put in nearly the amount of devotion & effort required to thrive. If we spent our entire existence working our lives around God & what He has for us then this world would be dramatically different…

Long story short, there is a very real enemy. That hates you & is doing everything he can to try and destroy any future that God has for you. Why in the world would we not do everything we can to be prepared for it?! Why would we not take the time to fully equip ourselves with the armor of God?! It’s downright silly.

He has greatness in store for you, but you still have to do your part. Be prepared. Stay ready.


Power to Speak


I have been doing CrossFit for about two years now give or take. In the sport of CrossFit, it is normal for a person to go that extra mile to be even 1% better. Whether that be a double day, staying after class for accessory/technique work, reading books on efficiency, taking classes for gymnastics or Olympic lifting, asking the coach for advice and tips on a daily basis, going to bed early to wake up early, saying no to unhealthy foods, prepping meals for the week to stay on track, etc… You get the point right? SO much time, effort, energy, and money get poured out to get even 1% better.

Seems like some serious dedication right?! The sad truth is that all of that dedication and time is getting put into something that can be taken within a few moments. I know this from experience. I was WAY overdoing it. Doing CalStrength Olympic programming, Misfits Crossfit Programming, AND a Russian squat program. To make it worse I wasn’t taking the proper recovery time with my training, wasn’t eating right, was getting 4 or so hours of sleep, etc… During some strict Hand Stand Push Ups, I tweaked my shoulder and BAM… During a set of squats, my hip got SUPER tight. To the point of not being able to do an air squat without pain. Set me back 6+ months. I couldn’t bench the bar, couldn’t fully extend my arm overhead, could hardly Power Clean, etc… It was bad. Thank the Lord it was nothing serious, but it still set me back.

During this time of having to take steps back, God really started to work on my heart. I was putting SO much effort into something that doesn’t make a difference. Training anywhere from 90-120 minutes a day, 5-6 days a week. I really felt the Lord calling me to ask the question about where my spiritual fitness was and if I was putting in that same amount of effort into growing as a man of God. That was a HARD no. I definitely was NOT putting in the time I need to grow in something that has ETERNAL benefits.

I sat back and started thinking about how deep my knowledge of God and my security in Him could have been VASTLY changed if I put the effort I was putting into CrossFit into Him. If I went the extra mile to be even 1% stronger in Him, to save just ONE more person, to have just ONE more conversation with someone, give just ONE more percent to the church, etc…

Where this is all leading to is the point of a coach. For a vast majority of my walk with God, I have not had a coach, and I have not had any athletes to coach. In Christian terms it goes like this, I have had no one mentoring/disciplining me and I have not been disciplining anyone. Jesus was very clear when He gave us all the great commission. You see, the verse today is about testing who we are letting pour knowledge into our lives. To test if they have the spirit of God in their words. We SHOULD have people in our lives that test POSITIVE for the spirit of God in there lives, and they pouring it out into our lives. How can we know if the words they are speaking are Godly words if we don’t know what the Word of God says?!

WHICH leads me to express the simple fact that until we KNOW what the spirit of God sounds like in a person life, we will be VERY vulnerable to false prophets speaking into our lives. We will be gullible to whatever tickles our ears and fits our lifestyle.

Take the time today to see where you are going that extra mile to grow. Is it in something that will last into eternity? Or is it into something that can be taken at a moments notice? At the end of the day, none of us want to wholly and fully devote ourselves to something that can be taken without notice.


For health or competition

Here are two clips for the standard Olympic lifting movements that are used in weightlifting.

Clean and Jerk movement:

Snatch movement:

I have spent almost two years doing Crossfit 5-6 days a week and it has helped me realize a lot of things about my body. During these few years doing Crossfit I have fallen in love with the weightlifting portion of it and have made the transition to doing Weightlifting programming for the majority of my time spent in the gym…

I have been fortunate enough to avoid injury over the last few years of working out and have been blessed to still be able to do Crossfit without any injuries. I spent many years doing the “bro” workouts inside of the gym without many results & definitely no real use when it comes to just being “fit.” Crossfit definitely opened my mind towards the true reasoning of why I want to workout and be healthy which is why I still try and do metcon’s a few times a week because I genuinely enjoy them…

What I wanted to talk about today is something that took me a LONG time to realize: 5 extra pounds or hitting the programmed percentages is not worth the chance of injury. Yup….. SO often when it came to my training I would push myself as hard as I could and was LUCKY enough to not get injured even though my lack of care with my form put me at an immense risk for injury!

When it comes to just wanting to workout for fun, health, or because you enjoy it we should be more aware of pushing ourselves within normal limits. To attempt to push ourselves past our limits at the risk of serious injury is not worth it!

At the end of the day, we have to ask ourselves if we are training each and every day because we enjoy it or if we are training each and every day because we plan on competing. Once we decide where our hearts lie within these spectrums we can train smarter. 

If you have any questions let me know! There are Crossfit boxes and weightlifting facilities all over the world!


His Personality

Though he was God, he did not think of equality with God as something to cling to.
Instead, he gave up his divine privileges; he took the humble position of a slave and as born as a human being. When he appeared in human form, he humbled himself in obedience to God and died a criminal’s death on a cross. (Philippians 2:6-8 NLT)


Although the verse doesn’t necessarily (clearly) display any “personality” traits of Jesus there is actually a lot that is said in this verse. This verse speaks of the humility that Jesus had. This verse speaks on the willingness to give it ALL for the betterment of another. This verse speaks of a King willing to become a slave to relate to us.

Jesus’ humility. From the very first portion of this scripture it says that he did not think of equality with God as something to cling onto. Although he WAS GOD, He did not cling on to it. He was comfortable enough within Himself and had enough faith that it would all work out in the long run that He did not cling to that equality. As believers we need to remember that even if we ARE THE BOSS/Supervisor/Games Athlete that we should not think of ourselves as any higher then the lowest person in your business or box. Arrogance is a growing problem within the world and sadly within the Church itself. It shouldn’t matter who you ARE because ultimately everything is His. So we should be able to lay our titles aside to love & serve one another…

Jesus’ willingness to give it all. He gave up His divine privileges. Think about that… He gave up the most beautiful place we could all imagine. For you, for me. Simply because He did not want heaven without us. So He willingly and eagerly gave it all up to come down to earth for us. The verse says HE GAVE UP… As in willingly giving up the absolute best for us. Not too sound too harsh but I know some people within the Crossfit community that won’t give up there “bar” or even go drop in at another box because it’s not there “home box” and other silly things. We should give up our places of comfortability from time to time for the betterment of those around us.

Jesus’ not only gave up being a King, but He gave that up and became a slave to all. Not only did He give up His divine privilege for us all, He took on the humble position as a slave. This is a position of servant-hood. A position we should all seek to pursue. Promotions and positions are incredibly blessings, but they become Godly blessings when we are able to be in those places with the heart of a slave… a servant.

If we all were to choose to live and love like Jesus did then maybe just maybe people would not have as much bitterness towards Christians. Yes, we cannot conform to this world and we need to stand on the word of God that is our truth… That does not mean we continually cast stones at every person we see sinning… Because the truth is we are all sinners and are all in need of God’s grace.

Love wins… Grace wins…


Right & Just // Proverbs 21:3


In the world of weightlifting, CrossFit, etc… There will be many times you will come across people who cheat reps, lie about the weights they hit, and even lie about the time they got on a workout just to feed their ego. Truth is, it doesn’t matter. It’s not within your control how they decide to workout and if they are being honest or not. The work we put in privately will show some day. It’s best to stay in our own lanes mentally and put in the work. Grind it out. Be honest with ourselves and allow the numbers to show in the long run. It might suck now to be at the bottom of the whiteboard when it comes to metcons and PRs BUT over the course of a few months & year, it will show. Every rep counts, every movement matters, everything we do has a purpose. Both in the box and outside of the box.

I’ve chosen to take a little time off of blogging to work through some things that have occurred recently in my life. It has been an incredible time where I have been spoken to on many levels… This verse spoke major volumes to me on some areas that were revealed…

Often times in life there will be opportunities to have pure motives and do what is right and just in the sight of God or not. There is major cancer in the Church today where people look Christian but act like the world. In public they say all the right things, pray the Christian prayers, and “live” like a true disciple of Christ. Sadly, in private they do not live that way. I have been guilty of this many times throughout my walk where I find myself offering public sacrifices but when a moment comes into my life where I can choose to be just and right but I don’t. It grieves my heart deeply at times when those moments try to come back into my heart and mind but I simply remind myself that I grew from those moments and did my best to make amends.

There have been many times I have personally been hurt by those in the “church” that I thought loved God with all their hearts only to be thrown into the fire by them when it came time to be there as a true friend. Luckily, we serve a God who refines in the fire and makes us stronger. A God that can make a way when it seems like there is no way. A God that is faithful and just to take care of all of our needs. The word says that God is near to the broken-hearted! We must remember to NOT allow others actions to cause us to stumble. At the end of the day, no matter how much we love that person, we cannot control the way someone acts. Truthfully, we can only control the way we react.

Maybe it’s time we stop being so focused on our public offerings to God and we start focusing on the moments in private where we can do what is just and right. Maybe it’s time we all check our motives behind things we say and do. Maybe it’s time we all start to worry more about ourselves and allowing God’s righteousness to work through us instead of being so worried about other’s actions. There is SO much freedom when we no longer allow people’s actions to effect us, but rather we learn to control our reactions to it.

Stay in your lane. Focus on you. Focus on what God needs you to do. Focus on doing what is just and right in the sight of God instead of offering Him public sacrifices. Yes, they may be “ahead” of you on the white board, but one day you’ll be head to head with them for a workout and doing what is just and right will pay off. It’s not our job to be worried about people’s private walks versus their public walks. It’s not our job to be worried about someone lying on the white board. It’s our job to worry about ourselves, pray for others, and present our BESTs to God each and every day.


He is on our side // Romans 8:38


The biggest challenge to a Christian is simply understanding the simplicity of God’s love for us. The simplicity of the fact that He loves us & will never leave or forsake us. It’s so wonderful to see the faith, freedom, and contentment in a new believer, BUT it is heartbreaking to see a seasoned believer trying to “work” for it. We must understand that God is not anywhere closer or further based off of our performance. God is for us, God is with us, God YEARNS for us. He wants US more than we could ever want Him.

Is that something that deeply radiates in your heart? The fact that GOD wants YOU more than YOU could want God. Want proof? Look at the cross. God did that because of how much He wanted you. Jesus PROVED how badly He wanted you. Jesus PROVED how valuable you are. Jesus PROVED that NOTHING will separate you from His love. Jesus’ death on that cross was not some “ticket” to heaven. It was an invitation into a RELATIONSHIP with Him. He didn’t JUST die so you could live a mediocre life on earth of grinding through a 9-5, paying bills, having a “family” etc… He died on that cross to give us infinite access to the creator of life itself. He died so we could WALK with Him. He died to RESTORE our relationship. He died for us to have a radical and adventurous life. Life with God is CRAZY, fun, exciting, and soooo much more. It’s a grand adventure that all are invited to join in on. There is NOTHING that can separate you from that. Life will get rough, life will be unfair, life will be confusing, BUT God is with us.

Today I urge you to please dig deep to understand that the cross is simply an invitation into a glorious life. I’ve had my fair share of trials in this life, I’ve had a fair share of “unfair” things in my life, I’m “suppose” to be a certain way according to the world. Statistically I “should” be in a terrible place, BUT GOD. God has been my Father that I didn’t have & the example of one. God has been & has given me the family I need. Jesus is my example of manhood. Jesus is my example of being a brother, a friend & a supporter. God has given us all we need. God is all we need to ENTER into the glorious life He has for us. A life filled with FAMILY that will encourage, uplift, pray for, pray with & love you through the hardest of times…

Enter in fam… Join in on all that God has… He is better, He is with it, He IS fighting for you…

Love wins… Grace wins…



All who Trust in Him // Psalms 18:30


As humans we always find ourselves looking for something we can trust in. Whether that be people in our lives, our savings accounts, or our “escape” to our Crossfit gyms. The reality is, that ultimately that only person we can truly trust is God Himself. Don’t get me wrong, the people, back up plans, and ways to express our worship to Him are all gifts from God. The problems arise when we start chasing of the gift instead of the Giver.

You see, God has given us amazing people in our lives to HELP us grow closer to Him. God blesses us with the finances to make wise choices to create a security for ourselves and our families. God blesses us with the love for Crossfit, Olympic lifting, or just fitness in general as an outlet for the daily stresses of life as well as overall wellness. Where satan comes into the picture is when we start to rely on those people in our lives to be our god. Where we start overstressing and being consumed with where every single penny is going and being such a crazy penny pincher that your family suffers. When we start to rely on Crossfit to define who we are as people. How quickly we finished the workout if we beat our friend, did I lift more than him/her, blah blah blah…

From the beginning of time, satan has been trying to taint the free gifts from God, and take the worship from God by tricking us into worshipping the gift. God is the giver of every passion, every blessing, and every love that we experience in our lives. Our duty is simply to love the giver of the gift more than the gift itself. If we can manage that, there is no end to what God will bless us all with…

Love wins… Grace wins…