Would You Be Satisfied?

It starts with you…

Something interesting happened to me today in Church. I was in Seattle, so I decided to join ChurchHome while I was in downtown.

Judah Smith was kicking off their 6-week study on the book of James & it was incredibly encouraging to see what God is doing in Seattle!

This post realistically has nothing to do with what Judah spoke on, but during a portion of his message he painted a picture of the reunion of James & Jesus. The joy & beauty of that union and how Jesus will be so very proud of all that we did.

My heart broke. I sat there & for some reason I quickly became flooded with the realization that we do not have much time on earth. Within this limited span of time it is my hearts desire to bring all that I can to God. To bring forth everything I did on earth as an offering. Not as a way to “get” a better place into to heaven but to simply say THANK YOU for it all. I want to utilize every possible resource, moment, talent & passion as leverage for building His kingdom!

What broke my heart is the idea of ALL the opportunities I may have missed when I wasn’t focused. All the moments that passed me by when I was so focused on my own hurts that I didn’t take the time to look for others who are hurting. I sat there thinking, “If Jesus took me home right now, would I be ready.”

And the answer was NO! There is no way I’m ready to go home yet. There is an abundance of young men & woman walking around in this world desperately seeking love, acceptance, community, etc… in all of the wrong places. Whether that be jobs, relationships, hobbies, Crossfit, drugs, alcohol or whatever! And when I say “this world” I AM talking about believers as well.

As a Church, we should be different in all the best ways. Sadly, we aren’t. If anything, it is the complete opposite. As a church we have done a TERRIBLE job of creating a safe space for people… The Church should be known for our crazy radical love, our incredible generosity, living with complete abandonment for those around us.

The big question would be trying to figure it where to start! But realistically that is simple… it starts with ourselves. The simple choice of living & loving everyone in the best way we can. Tipping a little extra for the waitress or waiter after you eat. Holding the door open for someone, waving & smiling at strangers, asking how someone’s day is going in a LEGIT manner instead of as a bridge to start conversation, etc… it’s simple.

The church doesn’t need some 10 step plan on how to bring our best to God. We should be so incredibly in love with God & His grace that we can’t help but offer the same love and grace to all of those around us!

It starts with you…


What a day!

Today was a big day! As a 26 year old it always caught people off guard when I would tell them I have never flown on a plane & that I’ve never been outside of CA by myself… today, that changed.

I took the leap and decided to take a trip up to Seattle & do all of the things a “tourist” could do! Throughout the course of the day I walked about 12 miles & did everything I could find.

First was the space needle! Unfortunately I couldn’t go out on the observation deck because of the weather, but that’s okay because it opened up more time for me to try other things!

On my way to the aquarium I came across a mix of awesome sculptures & this sweet little passage through the different art pieces. Was able to pause and take a little selfie! Even though I hate them!

I moved onto the aquarium, wings over Washington, pike place market, internal-district, random bus ride, the underground tour & then finished off with eating some French toast at the 5 point cafe before calling it a night! I forced myself to take tons of pictures to remember all that God allowed me to do today.

There was a ton of awesome conversation & it was such a blessing to walk around the city and interact with everyone I could! I’m excited to get to bed and wake up so I can get to church tomorrow! ChurchHome has been on my list of places I wanted to check out for a long while now!

Although my trip was short, it was worth it. It’s a beautiful thing that God has created such a wonderful world for us to explore…